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Rebekah Ziola (Bekymaree), is an Australia artist who has had a passion for art and design her entire life. Rebekah completed a Bachelor of Science in Design at The Ohio State University, and has been working as a Graphic Designer since 2007.
Bekymaree produces realistic sketches in varied scales, and her specific technique has seen her win various local art awards. Rebekah is also a member of the Castle Hill Arts society and is completely and utterly obsessed with refined products and capturing the fun nature of various animals.
Each sketch she undertakes requires the same amount of patience and detail it would to create a high-end leather handbag, which can take hours, days, weeks and even months to complete.
Bek has grown her business mainly through word-of-mouth which pays tribute to her clients’ satisfaction. She loves to share knowledge and learnings throughout her years of experience, so please don’t hesitate to send through a query.
Bek has undergone much research to reproduce her artwork - finding archival-grade Giclée fine art reproductions are recognized as “the next best thing” to owning the original artwork. Wilhelm Imaging Research archival ratings have been provided to the public about fade-free display-life for many processes and materials used in Giclée printmaking. Bekymaree’s Giclée prints have an archival rating of greater than 100 years.

Each print purchased is:-
Concealed in a plastic pouch from ‘seal king’
Wrapped in tissue paper
Signed and numbered by the artist
With a Certificate of authenticity
Placed in a rigid cardboard wraparound mailer, which is packed flat and prevents the print from being tampered or damaged

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